The value of Blanket

In this video, five-month-old Goldendoodle Biscuit starts Blanket with Ben. A specialty command used for autism and PTSD, Blanket is also generally useful for puppies who live with seniors and children. It teaches the puppy to lie down and cuddle — to offer a down/stay against the human body. In time, the puppy may offer you impulse control and a relaxation response. The trick is inviting the puppy to intimacy without triggering biting or jumping, which is what many of us want from a puppy, no doubt unreasonably — all of the cuteness, and none of the teeth, nails, or energy. Blanket thus offers the dog and his person a coping mechanism for the other. For the dog, the human finally stops yelling “No” and settles. For the human, the dog is still “other” enough to be mysterious, but quiet enough to approach.