Obedience and Task Training

West Palm Dog offers both obedience and task training for service dog prospects. Service dogs are dogs that perform work or tasks for disabled people.

Service dog prospects and their owners are evaluated to determine if they are suited for the work and able to commit to the training program.

Schedule your service dog evaluation now (text 561-906-2830). Please prepay for the evaluation here.

Marti and her staff have achieved an absolute transformation of our difficult-to-manage puppy into a great candidate to be our service dog. We have been amazed at the way in which his training has made him into a well-behaved, loving pet and helper. Although a Giant breed, he is gentle, obedient, and aware of his surroundings. None of this would have been possible without the quality of training he received from Marti and her staff. While there is more work to be done with him, we could not be more pleased with the progress he has made.


What We Need from You

* Proof of disability
Submit a letter from a physician or mental health professional to

* Read and sign our Service Dog Agreement, and then submit it to Please download the Service Dog Agreement here.

Program Milestones

* Pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam.
We will help you prepare for this exam.

* Pass the AKC Urban CGC exam.
We will help you prepare for this exam.

* Demonstrate training of 3 service dog tasks. Tasks must improve your quality of life and be accurately and quickly performed. We will help you articulate and develop these tasks through their confirmation.

What You Get from Us

* A letter attesting to receipt of proof of disability and the completion of obedience and task training.


Service dog recertification happens annually. Teams must demonstrate proof of task training and submit an updated letter from a physician or mental health professional.

What We Cannot Do

We cannot certify dogs that are not able to pass our program milestones.