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Marti poodle fizz jumping

Name: Fizz

Breed: Standard Poodle

Favorite Sports: Obedience, Nose Work

Best Trick: Jumping, Retrieving, Scent Discrimination

Show Name: SI AC Raise Your Glass CDX GN RAE TKN CGC RATN NW2 L1E

Nicknamed Fizz for his bubbly personality, this 7-year-old poodle leaps and runs his way through life. With numerous obedience and rally wins to his credit, Fizz qualified for the AKC's National Obedience Classic and Rally Championships three years in a row. He currently specializes in nose work, having earned the National Association of Canine Scent's Work NW2; United Kennel Club's Superior Containers and Interiors; and Performance Scent Dogs' Novice Nose Work titles, among others.

Name: Lark

Breed: Border Collie

Favorite Sports: Obedience, Nose Work

Best Trick: Jumping, Drop on Recall, Therapy

Show Name: Skylark Ascending CDX GN RAE TKI THD CGCU NW2

The first dog in the United States to pass the American Kennel Club's Urban Canine Good Citizen exam, Lark loves people as much as she likes to get it right in the obedience ring. A certified and titled therapy dog, she has enriched the lives of hundreds of people. Like Fizz, she enjoys scent detection training, and has earned the NACSW NW2, as well as Novice legs at events hosted by United Kennel Club and Performance Scent Dogs.

Marti hugging dog Lark