Commit to fun-filled boot camp for your dog

Your dog will appreciate two to three weeks of fun-filled activities and learning at our Palm Beach County-licensed home kennel in Lake Worth. He will be trained, exercised, and socialized throughout the day until he is tired and happy.

Our home has been designed with your dog's safety in mind, with appropriate fencing, a turfed potty area, regular cleaning protocols, and a baby gated dog friendly pool. Tours are available in advance Monday-Friday morning upon request -- they are NOT available on the day you drop off your dog.

Operational Permit S-4LPB-24-P1479668

Pricing: $138 per day

Call us to schedule your board and train:

1-561-906-2830 or 1-561-715-3777

ZsaZsa stayed in the Board and Train program of West Palm Dog for three weeks and two days, At the end of this period, I picked up a puppy who was every bit as energetic but who now could focus, listen and obey commands as they were given to her. She also become measurably more calm. West Palm Dog have set up their training programs in a most professional manner. The three trainers, Marti, Ben and Walter clearly love the dogs and what they do as trainers. I would absolutely recommend West Palm Dog to all owners who love and respect their dogs enough to do the very best for them, and for themselves.


Dear Ben, Walter and Marti - The first day home was so awesome. We can't believe how well he is responding to commands and not doing all the things you corrected him on, like jumping, biting, and not listening. He is definitely Cooper 2.0! We can not thank you enough because he is happy and we are happy.

Kevin and Bonnie

Raven is so good now that she has stayed with you for 14 nights. You guys did a fabulous job with her! Thank you so much. I have already referred you to two other families that just got puppies. She is really keeping up with what you taught her. She is not jumping on people and I can honestly walk her around the block with her pulling me.


Wilson had the time of his life!. Thanks so much - we love you guys.

Kate C.

The board and train experience

Each boot camp experience begins with a phone interview and training overview and followed up with 60-90 minutes of instruction to make sure you know everything your dog knows -- and then some. Our Cues checklist outlines the obedience commands your puppy will learn.

As part of our commitment to offering the best in professional dog care services, West Palm Dog is registered with the State of Florida and Palm Beach County and insured.


What to expect

We recommend a 14-21 day stay for first-time clients. Repeat campers may choose fewer days, or combine training days with boarding days.

Extra services like swimming lessons are also available.

You will receive daily video updates Monday-Friday after 8 pm during your dog's stay. You will receive a video link the first business day after your dog's check-in. Please check this link for updates so you can learn while your puppy does.

When you pick up your dog, plan to spend at least 60 minutes with us to practice with your dog ("debrief") and prepare for his return home.

Puppies need to have had at least two sets of puppy shots and a clear fecal exam prior to beginning a board and train. We also require vaccination for Bordetella within six months of your dog's stay, with boosters every six months.

Your dog's success is contingent upon your consistent application of our recommendations when he returns home. These may include regular exercise, obedience practice, and participation in a dog sport. Service dog prospects may benefit from more than one boot camp to confirm obedience and task training.

What we need from you

  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations - DHP, Rabies, Bordetella (within six months) and a clear fecal exam (within six months)
  • Phone interview
  • Create an account in Pet Ex - upload the dates your dog's vaccinations EXPIRE
  • Sign the contract in Pet Ex and pay the board and train deposit

Get yourself ready

Training you is as important to us as training your dog. The more you understand about how dogs learn, and how to speak dog, the better your relationship will be. Please read this page before your dog comes home.

Book your debrief

After you have booked your dog's boot camp, please schedule your 60-minute debrief. These one-on-one personalized sessions will familiarize you with the commands and hand signals your dog has learned. You must schedule a debrief before taking your dog home -- you will enjoy watching your dog at his best.

Debriefs are offered Monday - Friday in the mornings and early afternoon. Please be on time.

Debriefs are offered free of charge for boot camps 14-21 days long.

To schedule your debrief, call Ben at 561-715-3777.

Refunds and cancellations

Because we limit the number of dogs we accept to ensure excellent service, we do have a cancellation policy. If you need to cancel, you must provide a written request to West Palm Dog ( or text to 561-906-2830) seven (7) days in advance of the first day of the dog's stay. You will be charged an online payment processing fee (3%) incurred due to cancellation. In addition, a cancellation fee of $250 will apply for cancellations less than 7 days in advance of the dog's stay.


Please complete the Basic Intake Form. A contract will be sent to you by Docusign. If you don't receive one, please email Finally, we will need vaccination records from your veterinarian.

DHP (annual)
Rabies (1 or 3 year)
Bordetella (within 6 months)
Clear fecal exam (within 6 months)

Please check your dog's records before sending them to us. Many dogs do not meet the requirement for Bordetella and the fecal exam and will need to be boostered and rechecked prior to their stay. This is because many veterinarians need to be told that the dog will be in contact with other dogs (dog daycare, group class, dog park,dog shows, etc.) to change the annual protocol.

Tours must be arranged in advance by calling or texting 561-715-3777. Please do not ask for a tour when you drop off your dog.

Dogs are kept indoors in our home. We have set up our home with the needs of our boot camp dogs in mind.

For the safety of all the dogs in our care, please send ONLY your dog's food and chews or biscuits for down time in the crate. Do not send bedding, toys, bowls, brushes, etc.

Drop offs are scheduled between 10 am and 12 pm Monday - Friday. Park in the driveway, and not on the street. When you arrive, please ring the black doorbell on the wooden fence. Someone will come out to greet you. Please be prepared to exchange your leash for one of ours.

Although you may drop off your dog on the weekend, you must schedule your debrief Monday - Friday, so a weekend drop off may incur an extra charge. 

Wake up and first potty - 7 am
Breakfast: 7:30 am
Outdoors for play and exercise - 8 - 11 am
First training session - 10-12 pm (dogs rotate between trainers)
Second training session - 11-2 pm (dogs rotate between trainers)
Exercise walks and outings - 12-3 pm
Lunch for puppies: 12 pm
Outdoors for play and exercise 2-4 pm
Rest 4-5 pm
Dinner: 6 pm
Home Manners: 7-10 pm
Last potty: 11 pm
Lights out: 12 pm

Your dog should be able to adjust to your schedule once he comes home.

From West Palm Dog Menu Options, selects Schedule a Boarding Time.

When scheduling Drop off and Pick up Times, please choose times between 10 am and 12 pm.

In the Boarding Requirements drop down window, select Board and Train.

Click the Schedule a Boarding button.