Duration of Classes: 45 minutes to 1 hour per week for 5 weeks


5549 Colbright Road, Lake Worth FL 33467

Emergencies: 561-906-2830 (Marti Hohmann)

There may be another class being held just before yours. Please take care entering the building and do not allow nose-nose contact between dogs (do not say hi).

Your dog must be vaccinated for distemper/parvovirus  and Bordetella to participate in this class. Although we do not require vaccination for Canine Influenza, we recommend it.


  1. Please do not feed your dog for 4-6 hours prior to class. Bring a variety of food rewards in a training treat bag or contractor’s apron. Rewards may include string cheese, chicken or beef, hot dogs, freeze dried beef liver, or store-bought training treats. Do not bring biscuits or treats that take a long time to chew. Most dogs work best for small pieces of high value, protein-based rewards when they are away from home and around other dogs. Because your dog will be working for treats during class, please fast him for 4-6 hours prior to meeting with us.
  2. You may use the collar, harness, or head halter of your choice. Good choices are Max&Neo martingale collars, Freedom harnesses, and Gentle Leader or Halti head halters. Please make sure your equipment is snug and will not slip over your dog’s head or shoulders. Your leash should be a 4-6 ft training leash made of fabric or leather. No Flexi leashes, please. Harnesses are appropriate for toy dogs only unless they are no-pull harnesses (e.g., Easy Walk, Freedom). If you are not sure about which equipment to use, don't worry. Your instructor will help you. Please note that only some collars are appropriate for CGC or TDI testing.
  3. You may wish to bring water for you dog. Nose work dogs will benefit from water between searches.
  4. Wear shoes you can walk and run in. No flip flops.
  5. Please potty your dogs in the grassy area next to each building. Do not allow your dog to eliminate on landscaped areas (flowers, trees, shrubbery, etc). Please bring poop bags and dispose of dog waste in the receptacles.
  6. Adult dogs in our classes do not socialize or "say hi," even before or after class. Please respect your neighbor and maintain a 6-foot distance. Puppies do say hi, but only under the instructor's direction. Please do not allow puppies to play or interact outside of the classroom setting or allow your puppy to drag you over to another puppy to say hi. We want them to learn that their social interactions, while fun and important, are always under your control.
  7. Be prepared to change old habits or ways of thinking about your relationship with your dog or how to train dogs. It is hard to change old habits or learn new ones. Be ready for some productive stress. You may feel frustrated, confused, and discouraged occasionally. These feelings should pass as you see progress in your handling and your dog’s responsiveness to your cues.
  8. Please set aside short sessions of 10-15 minutes per day for practice.