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Marti Hohmann is an amazing dog trainer. She has the ability to teach both dog and owner to work together to achieve their training goals. Her use of positive reinforcement makes training fun and productive. After working with Marti I have achieved unbelievable results with my dog Sunny. Marti is a true professional.


It's quite easy to write a recommendation for Marti. Pick any area of Marti's expertise and write "superlative" beside it. Her ability to train dogs is unsurpassed in my estimation. She is my dog whisperer, and I am forever in her debt for training my hearing assist dog.


Marti is an awesome trainer. She has great teaching methods, incredible patience, and teaches us, humans, as well. She uses positive reinforcement and fun to train both of us. I look forward to each of our sessions together and Peaches enjoy learning. We will continue to use her, it truly is worth every penny.


My former puppy, an 8-week old Morkie, cried, barked, and could not settle for several days when I first brought her home. We were ready to return her to the breeder. I had been given Marti Hohmann's name in case I needed a dog trainer. Marti took her for four days and brought us back a sweet, calm, and settled dog.


I wanted to tell you to thank you. Our puppy is a million times different than before. Her biting is very minimal. She listens better, and her energy is so much calmer. Finally, the kids are able to play with her. Thank you for everything you did. It was definitely worth the money.


Marti, thank you so much. I just took the most perfect walk with Maya. We went off the property and in a direction she was never in before. Perfect, no pulling, no objecting. Also, we left from the front door and came in through the garage for the first time and she knew the way home and came in the door of my choosing without objection. You are amazing! 


Thank you so much for everything with Ziggy. I've only had him home for a couple of hours and he feels like a different dog. He is so well behaved. Thank you, thank you!


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.


I marvel at how skilled Marti is with dogs. She has a great way of articulating what she sees. Our session was so helpful to me!


Our training session really helped us with our puppy's house training. Ben is phenomenal!


Dewey did so well in the car on the way home and has been really good here. Wore himself out today with his brother. He is so much more relaxed and focused. Thank you again and we look forward to additional training with you.


We took Jake out on a run with me today and he did so fantastic! He stayed right at my hip, did two miles, and he only crossed my path twice and corrected himself very quickly. It was so cool to have a running buddy.


Hi, Marti. I am not sure if you remember me from about four years ago. I just wanted to thank you for all the training you did with Bear. She is the absolute perfect dog and she's already five years old. You did such an amazing job and she is so wonderful! 


Lulu is doing terrific and walked better today than she ever has. She listened to all my commands, even with her brother, Herbie, walking with her. She walked with me and didn't pull. Thank you so much. The best dog ever is even better and I didn't think that was possible! 


We just wanted to relay again how much we appreciate everything you did with Wilson. He is like a whole new dog! We will forever be grateful (and will definitely be back!)


I'm very satisfied with the level of training my dog received. Hulk is a more focused and attentive dog now, and he has very good obedience skills.


I just had to share -- I went to PetSmart to get her some new toys and everyone was stopping me to ask about her. At one point (with three strangers right next to us), I said, "Sadie, Down," and she went down immediately. Then, we were outside in our neighborhood, pretty far from home. I let go of her leash so she could run around and play with the kids. She was about 60 feet if not more away from me inside of the median. My kids came over to me and I noticed she didn't follow. I said, "Sadie, Come!" She came out immediately and ran to me. I gave her a handful of treats and praised her like crazy. So proud of her and your amazing work.


What a pleasure. Took Boomer out for his late night walk. He walked along my side. No pulling from side to side. Kept looking up for direction from me, got a couple treats and walked back to the apartment. A wonderful experience. Thank you.


This morning I took Cody for a 12 minute stroll. Cody walked with me and barked a couple of times but absolutely nothing like before. I just can't believe that I could manage him this morning and really had share. You guys are truly amazing. Thank you.


Our two puppies, Nova and Elsa, have been under the care and training of West Palm Dog. The result is incredible and they love the whole team. The West Palm Dog team really loves their work and our puppies. Thank you very much for your dedication and professionalism.


We took Chero on an outing today and she was SO different! Other dogs were around but she listened to me and kept her focus! We then took her to the dog park, and she came to us every time we called her and even when she could tell we were leaving, she listened. I know we have a long way to go but thank you for giving us a great day today with her! 


The videos are wonderful. They give the customer a chance to see what you're really doing there with the puppies -- awesome! I think your team really has it together. I see how things are progressing. I think my puppy is enjoying himself, therefore he will be able to absorb the lesson faster.


Axel was so excited to show the family all of his new tricks. He was also so good on his walk. Now he is passed out on my lap! Thank you





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