Location: Loxahatchee


Brand new! This class prepares you to pass the American Kennel Club (AKC)'s Virtual Home Manners test. This test assesses ten skills that well-mannered pet dogs need in the home setting. The skills relate to the dog owner having control over the dog, being able to walk the dog, and developing a bond with the dog during playtime. Work with us for four weeks, and your dog will be well on its way to Go to Bed, not jumping on people, and more. AKC Titling opportunity - video of your dog's performance may be sent from home - in-person test not required.

Dates: Tuesday, starting November 17, 2020. Class may extend through December 15 if students travel over Thanksgiving.

Time: 5 pm
Cost: $105 (4 weeks) plus $25 (video review)
Location: 16747 Fox Trail Lane, Loxahatchee; Outdoors under cover

Nose Work Practice Class


Practice nose work outdoors and under cover in a relaxed atmosphere. Opportunity for interesting hides of all kinds. Dogs should be on birch, but those interested in nose work who have novice dogs may text Marti at 561-906-2830. Four sessions.

Instructor: Marti Hohmann
Dates: Tuesday, starting November 17, 2020 (4 weeks)
Time: 6 pm
Cost: $20 per session ($80/$100 if we meet on Dec 15)
Location: 16747 Fox Trail Lane, Loxahatchee