Barn Hunt

Come try this exciting dog sport! Your dog will learn to find a rat hidden in a maze of straw. You will enjoy watching your dog use his nose and his natural instincts in a safe environment.

Benefits of Barn Hunt

  • Dog works by himself - no requirement that he be well-behaved around other dogs
  • Dog uses his natural instincts and satisfies his need for exercise and enrichment
  • No requirement that the handler be in shape or quick
  • Relatively fast onboarding - dogs that like the sport are able to hunt and enjoy themselves within a few weeks
  • Dogs that are challenging from an obedience perspective may thrive in a sport that channels their drive and enthusiasm

Barn Hunt Lessons

Schedule a private lesson with Martí Hohmann for barn hunt and urban locating. Individual lessons must be prepaid.

Vaccination Requirements

Please review our requirements and be sure your dog is up to date before his or her visit:

  • DHP
  • Bordetella (within the last six months)
  • Clear fecal exam within 12 months

Please email these records to

Cancellation Policy

Please choose the date and time for your dog's lesson carefully. Because we keep our caseload small to provide personalized support, we charge a $25 fee for missed or canceled lessons. Please cancel/reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance in Acuity or call Marti at 561-906-2830.