Service Dog Program

We are proud to provide trained service dogs for military veterans with PTSD through a corporate sponsor. Dogs are housed and trained by us until they are ready for placement (at about 18-24 months of age).

Help Us with Service Dog Outings

We are always eager to partner with volunteers who enjoy shopping with one of our dogs. These well-behaved companions would love to go with you to the nearest grocery or department store. We provide all of the materials (vest, treats, leash, etc) and will train you in service dog public access standards. Text Marti at 561-906-2830 to participate.

Owner Surrender or Rescue Group Participation

There are times when the dog you have chosen, or a dog you have rescued, isn't right for you -- but might be perfect for this program. If you have a Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Goldendoodle, or Standard Poodle that could change the life of a military veteran, please contact us.