Based on Marti's lifetime of experience as a horsewoman, we offer a training plan for people who love dogs and horses called Certified Equine Safe. Call us If your dog needs training for life at the barn.


Certified Equine Safe Training Protocol

  • Sits politely for petting by a person carrying tack, farm tools, or grooming equipment
  • Sit, Down, and Stay within 20 feet of a horse in crossties
  • Walks on a leash without pulling within 30 feet of a horse
  • Loads in and out of a car, golf cart, truck, or trailer
  • Responds to Out command from riding area, tack room, or paddock
  • Able to walk past another dog without reaction
  • Remains under control when near horse trotting or cantering
  • Responds to Leave it command for manure, grooming product, feed, or hoof parings
  • Tolerates confinement in stall or tack room
  • Comes when called from 30 feet away
  • Can hold a Down/Stay for 2 minutes while handler grooms, tacks up, or bathes horse
horse and dog