Establish structure in the home

If your dog is behaving in ways you don’t like at home, establish structure there. A few trained behaviors will help make home life feel less chaotic.
1. Wait at the Door (people cross thresholds first for safety)
2. Leave It
3. Off (get off beds and furniture when requested)
4. Say Please – Sit for the leash going on, access to outside, play time with you, and interaction with toys.
5. Kennel/Wait/Out. Dog puts himself in kennel, waits, and comes out on command
6. Place – Lie down on your mat and relax.
All of the above are most easily achieved if you throw away your dog’s food bowl — if you start to use the kibble you give him throughout the day in exchange for obedience requests. A hungry dog will be more eager to trade obedience for dinner than a puppy with a full tummy.
Expect your dog’s adolescence to be when you feel like your training isn’t working, your dog isn’t listening, and you may have rescued or chosen the wrong dog after all. But you didn’t. Stick with the program, and the many years to come will be good ones.